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Our Services

We offer a range of exterior cleaning services for both residential and commercial properties. We also offer Spiderworx Treatments to target exterior insects & spiders, and Spray 2 Wash Treatments to target long term control of moss and lichen.

House Washing

Chemwash can safely clean all types of houses. We use environmentally responsible detergents to gently emulsify surface pollutants and kill mildew which is then rinsed off using very little pressure.

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Spiderworx Treatment

Spiderworx is a treatment that targets the control of exterior insects. This treatment eliminates insects, spiders and keeps cobwebs at bay, keeping your surfaces looking cleaner for longer.

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Roof Cleaning

Chemwash can provide an instant clean for all iron roofs. Keeping our equipment certifications current and our staff appropriately trained, we ensure the service is provided safely and efficiently.

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Moss & Lichen Control

The Spray 2 Wash application penetrates the surface it is applied to and will kill the moss and mould gradually over a period of time, depending on climate conditions.

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Paths & Driveways

Our low-pressure cleaning process gently removes ugly build-up from concrete surfaces without damaging the surface.

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Fences & Decking

With our powerful, yet gentle deck cleaning detergent, we can restore even the greyest deck to near original colour.

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Gutter Cleaning

Chemwash can clean gutters to keep them free flowing and rid of mould. This is extra important for properties using tank supply to help ensure the water is kept as fresh and clean as possible.

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Commercial Services

At Chemwash we pride ourselves on our expert commercial property cleaning service. We promise competitive quotes for schools, retirement villages, motels, apartment blocks or factories.

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Other Services

We also specialise in cleaning, retaining walls, pergolas, wooden outdoor furniture, archways, stonework, tile and slate patios, balustrades, carports and sheds.

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What our clients are saying

Pauline & Robert

Your workers did a great job and they are both lovely young men - hardworking, polite and ever so helpful. Impressive. I would certainly recommend you.